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Florida Handcrafted Soaps offers a wide variety of all natural
soaps, soy candles and incense to people everywhere. Made
from pure, organic ingredients, our soap is handcrafted from
start to finish.

We also do our part to respect the environment and know that all of us are responsible for the health of Mother Earth. And of course, we are individually responsible for our own overall health. With this in mind we intend to expand our product line, providing environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable products that are good for our bodies and the earth. We are proud to be doing our part to keep the planet clean.

Our Story

 Florida Handcrafted Soaps was founded by Carmen Alicea.

After having four miscarriages, Carmen began to take a serious look at her habits and lifestyle and discovered that she was causing serious damage to her body. She researched every symptom and all possibilities, making her pursuit for the truth a total mission.

Because of her pregnancy issues, her doctors prescribed all types of experimental medicines. There seemed to be no explanation for the heath troubles she was experiencing. She was introduced to natural cures because the traditional medicines were not working.

As she searched for alternatives, she started to buy organic foods and removed pots and pans from her kitchen that used toxic chemicals. During a visit to her OBGYN, it was suggested that Carmen change the soap she was using. She quickly found out how commercial soaps were made, that most were actually harmful detergents, that animal lard from these “soaps” showered our pores open and was absorbed into the blood stream, contributing to disease.

Her next step was buying a soap kit. Carmen quickly discovered that the ingredients in soap could make a huge difference in improving certain skin conditions and enhancing overall health. So, she got rid of all the artificial, chemical based soaps she used and made a permanent change to all natural soaps.

In 2007, the changes she made paid off. After years of trying unsuccessfully, Carmen had a healthy baby boy. She knows that changing to all natural soaps made a difference. And she never looked back. Her soap making continued.

By 2009, she was making enough soap to share with her extended family and friends. In 2010 when her mother-in-law lost her job, she thought it was a great idea to share the soaps with the rest of the world. At that moment, Florida Handcrafted Soaps began. She set shop wherever she had an opportunity and to her surprise, people loved her soaps. Repeat business was common.

Because Florida has so many tourists, she would sell to them and when they would go back home they wanted to re-order. As their products became more popular, they started adding new essential oil fragrances to their soap collection. Based on customer requests, they then added candles to the product lineup. Now they offer 100% soy wax candles and incense.

Recently, Florida Handcrafted Soaps launched this website to offer our 100% all natural soaps to people everywhere.

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